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Scope of activities
Testing ecoanalytical laboratories LABEKO,s.r.o. carry out laboratory tests and analysis of:
  • waters – drinking water, surface water, groundwater, waste and special water, irrigation water, pool water, table and mineral water
  • minerals for electric and electro technical industry (the RoHS directive and the SONY standard)
  • waste, soils, sludges and sediments
  • industrial composts
  • metallic materials – metals, alloys and solders
  • plastics, rubber, paper, safety matches etc.
  • paints and varnishes
  • glass and ceramics
  • toy and school-aid material
  • waste dump gasses
  • materials and objects intended for contact with foodstuffs (Directive of the European Parliament and Committee (ES) no. 1935/2004)
  • products and materials intended for contact with drinking water
  • pharmaceutical drugs, medicine and supportive substances

The accredited areas include chemical and physical-chemical testing of waters (drinking, surface, groundwater, mineral, waste and water intended for swimming purpose), water extracts, wastes, sludges, soils, fertilizers, composts, metallic and non-metallic packaging materials, paints, varnishes, toys and school aids, glass, ceramics, pharmaceutical preparations and drugs, working environment, waste dump gasses, objects intended for contact with foodstuffs and drinking water, sampling of drinking, ground and waste waters and expressing expert opinions and interpretations in accordance with specifications of the testing laboratory.
The accredited tests are listed in Annex to the Certificate of Accreditation no. S-030.